We all care for our planet. Even the small choices we make in life and business, like our choice of the type of disposable cups we use, can have a huge collective impact on our plant’s health and hence the quality of not only our life but also that of the generations to come.

Suman Enterprise has therefore committed itself to producing cups made of paper rather than less environmentally friendly materials such as plastic or foam. To ensure that our paper cups are biodegradable and 100% recyclable, we made key choices about the technology and raw material that go into our paper products.


Suman Enterprise is a long-established manufacturer of high-quality paper cup, sturdy, and biodegradable paper cups in the Indian market. We have a broad portfolio of affordable paper cup products that are designed to hold several types of beverage.


We are focused on delivering exceptional value to our clients by working closely with them to create paper product solutions for beverages that meet their requirements in a reliable, affordable, and yet sustainable and eco-friendly manner that helps protect our planet for our children and future generations.


Apart from facilitating an easy selection to our clients for availing their required product solutions, we also offer reliable and consistent customization services. Owing to all such efforts, we have succeeded in meeting the demands of our clients in a proficient way. The presence of sophisticated infrastructural assets has enabled us offering customization in nearly all physical aspects of our products. Regular feedback is offered to the queries of our customers thereby nullifying the chances of any grievance or dissatisfaction.